General Foxx 3D logo

General Foxx 3D logo - student project

For this tutorial I used logo I made some years ago for a music band, thinking that The G shaped fox could look nice as some kind of a 3D coin or token. I like reflection on the fox because of better choice of HDRI than in my last project, however i screwed reflection on the texts surface, probably because of so many different rotations, will be more careful next time... also had to use 2 different splines, one for the iron outside and second for the white insides. Had really great fun during this awesome tutorial, cheers!

General Foxx 3D logo - image 1 - student project


Looking on the detail, I should have had put more effort into water, but the fox itself looks alright
I think. 

General Foxx 3D logo - image 2 - student project


... and the original logo

General Foxx 3D logo - image 3 - student project

Ján Paukovic

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