Frutas Frescas

Frutas Frescas - student project

Mr. Richards, again , I really enjoyed your course.  I didn´t use the image you proposed , but instead, I took a picture of a small town near Medellin and made this drawing.

The scene of the Fruver, or mini markets of fresh fruits and vegetables, is very common every where in my country. 

I attached two images , the first shown and a second try.

Of course, the second one seems more visually structured. 

What I usually find the most difficult thing to catch is to edit all the visual information and happenings that can occur in a simple glance of any sight urban or rural in my tropical country.

This project was very challenging as I wanted to reflect the perception of depth of the interior of a building. With the instructions you gave and with a little bit of intuition, I could draw "Frutas Frescas" Water color. The grounds, rule of thirds, darks and lights were the most clear in this work.

I still have a long way to go , having the idea to apply these steps in making a drawing inside the cordillera... I will attach a third  pic. and share the challenge...

Again, I enjoyed all about this project. I was very pleased with the recreation of a tropical scene. Thanks a lot!