Fruitera Smoothies Announcing A Giveaway

Fruitera Smoothies Announcing A Giveaway - student project

Hey Skillshare! 

My company, Fruitera Smoothies, wanted to participate in all of the green goodness surrounding St. Patrick's Day not too long ago. The idea was simple: everyone on social media is wearing green, drinking green smoothies, eating green food, etc. So we created a one page website where we asked people to submit their favorite green smoothie ingredient. It was relevant to our business, fun and easy. 

The goal was to be part of this vast green conversation happening on social media and to drive traffic to our page where entrants to the giveaway would provide an email address in an effort to grow our list. And it worked! We attracted 65 people to the promotion and collected a new set of email addresses. 

However, in doing so, we didn't want to offend or current fanbase. It wouldn't be fair to offer a promotion to our friends and followers on social media without giving the opportunity to our current list of subscribers. So we crafted the following email. 

Subject Line: Enter Today: Green Giveaway Inspired by St. Patrick 

Pre-header Text: Enter today for your chance to win a FREE smoothie subscription! 

The results of this campaign were an open rate slightly below average but the click rate was slightly higher than average. 

I'd love to hear your feedback on the campaign: 

  • Was the subject line engaging?
  • Is the image compelling?
  • Was the copy clear and concise?

Thanks so much! And good luck to you all on your campaigns. You're going to do great as long as you follow Allyson's advice: don't get bogged down by design or content being perfect—ship something and keep practicing!

Thanks Allyson, MailChimp and Skillshare!