Frosty Blackberries

Frosty Blackberries - student project

Here's my sample image of my macro fruit photo seen in the demo video.

If you are going to replicate this "frosted" look, I recommend getting beautiful fresh fruit and laying them out on a pan that fits in your freezer. Make sure NOT TO WASH the fruit, the water would change how the freezing happens, and make sure no two berries are touching. I believe this is called "flash freezing" and it is actually a great way to freeze things that will be later bagged together and you want to avoid them freezing in one big clump. Does that make sense?

So single layer, no touching, unwashed fruit on a tray in the freezer for a few hours. Once your setup is ready for your frozen berries, bring them out of the freezer, arrange them to your liking and you can blow on them to draw the frosted crystals to the surface. The warmth of your breath will be the perfect amount of heat. Good luck!!

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