Free Writing Technique

Free Writing Technique - student project


Grateful for the way you have laid out this technique. It's a great tool for writers or anyone wishing to access novel solutions. It essentially unlocks your ability to think new thoughts. When I heard that it was only 17 minutes long, I thought it couldn't possibly be complete. After going through the course the first time, I see how effective this free write technique is and how easy it is to apply to an everyday practice. The 10 minutes of writing time with this coastal landscape was very unique. I fell deep into the writing experience, as if I had been in a meditation. The floodgates literally opened up for me and I could easily return to a book I had been procrastinating on writing for a while. I could have gone on for much longer.

I repeated the course a few times to allow myself about 30 minutes of writing time with the free write technique.

What I especially found useful is how you direct us to interact with the editor mind, by including her in the free write process too. This is a great technique to move away from or to incorporate distraction. I hope you create more courses of this type. Thank you again!