For the Love of Green!

For the Love of Green! - student project

Such a fun class and technique. Now I am going to have a play with some other color combos! If I run out of paper, it's Olga's fault!




Materials Used: 


  • White Nights Artist Grade watercolors (May Green, Lemon Yellow, Olive Green)
  • Viking 1419 Berzerker 320gsm Paper (Cold Pressed) - ABSOLUTE Favorite
  • Raphael Soft Aqua Quill (Size 4) & Raphael Petit Gris Pur - Le "803" (Size 000)
  • Lamy Fountain Pen (F) with Rotring Technical Waterproof Ink
  • Very subtle highlights with a Dip Pen and Copic White Opaque Ink
  • A touch of Fairy Dust (because who doesn't want some fairy dust tossed about?)




Folk & Watercolor Artist