Flight Delay Dashboard Report

Flight Delay Dashboard Report - student project


The key point delivery

  • According to the arrival delay summary, it appears that Hawaiian Airlines Inc. had the highest average on delay time with 10.3 minutes, following by Skywest Airlines with 8.1 minutes on average. However, Delta Air line is the best airline because it has minimum amount of arrival delay time.
  • The United Air Lines Inc. had the longest route of flights on average at 1364 miles. However, the Skywest Airlines Inc. has the shortest route on average in this dataset at 509 miles.
  • Comparing two tables on both distance and delay time, it appears that the Skywest Airlines Inc. has the highest delay time and shortest distance. It can be caused by the weather of the certain route. However, it can mean that this airline has the poor performance. It is needed to further do investigation.

The data source for Flight Delay Dashboard Report