Finding my price.

Finding my price. - student project

I'm a self-taught handletterer and calligrapher that went to school for advertising and graphic design. I just graduated in May and my handlettering has really taken off. Like many here, I had a lot of trouble figuring out my pricing. 

I've had some inquiries about custom frames and windows. For this particular frame, I felt guilty about taking so long to get the work done even though the customer had no deadline or was in no rush. I showed him the final design and said $50 to which he responded: "Only $50? No way, I'm giving you $100!" and he did! It was such a humbling experience but I knew I had to learn to separate my emotion ties from my business. 

When I started doing custom windows I charged $30 but now I'm up to $65 and people have no issues. 

One of the hardest projects I had to price was my first time doing handlettered wedding envelopes for a friend of mine. I basically did it for what was in their budget because I wanted the experience and to help them out. I certainly learned about the kind of labor it takes to handwrite 250 envelopes in 3 weeks!

Hereforward, I have decided to do flat-rate pricing. For wedding envelops - front only $1.75 per envelope. For windows $65-70, for custom frames (depending on size) $25-35. 

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