Final shells

Final shells - student project

I am not exactly a beginner in watercolor, but for me there were quite a few challanges here and I am not yet totally pleased with my results as I struggled with the transitions from light to dark and ended up weakening my paper for the top shell in both examples. Also I did not managed to get the crisp lines for the shells as Diane did and tried to restore that by inking around them in the right projekt but that did not produce the effect that I wished for. I also used pans instead of tubes here and it was a bit stressful since I could not mix up enough paints to make the painting consitent. But I liked how the colors turned out since I used good quality pans for this project. So I will try a couple of times more to see if I could make things better. Thanks for this lovely and very inspiring tutorial Diane. I am hooked! :)