Figuring out My Pricing

Figuring out My Pricing - student project

Hi Melanie,

Thank you so much for making this class! It's so hard to know what to charge for different projects, especially when there is such a wide range of prices and potential projects out there... In my case I've been painting and drawing for almost my entire life (I'm 23), but I only began teaching myself hand lettering and graphic design a few months ago. Here are some of my paintings...


and my design work!

This is the final draft of a hand-lettered quote that I've been working on with a client. It was my first commission from someone other than a friend or family member, so when she asked me for a quote I had no clue what to tell her! After a little research (prices ranged anywhere from $5 to $75!!!) I came up with $40 shipping. Still not sure if that is a fair price, but I hope I am giving her high quality work despite my inexperience!

Also, how do you decide how many sketches and revisions to do on a project? I feel like it could become not even worth your while at a certain point!

Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Fine Artist