Faces faces faces

Faces faces faces - student project

I had so much fun creating these faces for Nina's class! I started with 18 random shapes that Nina taught us in one of her other classes about face shapes. I then wrote down randomly what kind of eyes and eye placement each face would have. Then I created them with these features. And guided by the emerging characters themselves, I then added other features like different noses and necks and accessories.

It was funny to see how several characters developed. It's like they came out of nowhere, because I had not planned them out beforehand. Which means I ended up with some characters I would never have come up with had I just been thinking about what kind of characters to develop. I think this is such a fun exercise with surprising results, that I will do it regularly, so my sketchbook will get filled with all kinds of characters that I can later develop further and use in my work.

Thank you again Nina for your wonderful class!