Expressive Florals: Watercolor Challenge

Expressive Florals: Watercolor Challenge - student project

I am really enjoying this class. WOOHOO! I've uploaded each day of the challenge!

Thank you Juliet for a fantastic class. And for offering the free membership to some lucky winner. I can't wait to find out who wins (fingers crossed it's me!).

Day 1: Poppies

 I decided to digitize them and make a little bouquet in illustrator.



Day 2: Tall Larkspur

After painting them, I decided to make them into a floral pattern.


Here is the pattern:



Day 3: Lilies

Working on a bouquet with these in Photoshop but HAD to post my original watercolor work. Had so much fun doing these!


I hand sketched a bunch more lilies inspired by my watercolors:


and made the bouquet below in Photoshop. I watched your Watercolor Patterns class as well Dylan's on Illustrating Floral Bouquets to learn how to use Photoshop. Great classes!

Day 4: Geraniums


I digitized my hand sketched geraniums and made a bouquet in Photoshop.

 I also did this version in Illustrator using my original watercolor geraniums.


Day 5: Irises


Day 6: Hydrangeas


Day 7: Peruvian Lilies

Honestly, I'm not super fond of the pink color I mixed for the lilies on the right. A bit too neon and garish... So I brought them into Photoshop and played around with placement - mostly to highlight the yellow ones. And the whole piece needed more depth so I used some of Kyle's texture brushes to add additional detail. I like this version a lot better!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!



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