Exploring watercolor

Exploring watercolor - student project

Hi, Thank you for making the class. Your intro really spoke to me. I found watercolor back in college like 10 years ago. I have made some nice work but plenty of bad works too. So I neglect it. Few years back I tried it again but then because I made an ugly painting then I quit again. Until recently, now that I gain confidence and start to accept failure as progress, I am trying it again. Now, I want to do it a right way. Not just bursting colors to the paper randomly and use a good watercolor paper and a good quality paint. So here it is my project:

Here is the swatch, I use Schmincke Horadam (I use their 18 sets of tube) on canson montval watercolor paper

And here is the color mixing chart. Oh boy it took me a long time to do this... But this is very handy. Love it and it's my treasure.

And here is what I did with the technique taught in the class. I have had this sketch for a while. I was planning to make LOVE out of flowers. Like this L, from lavender and lilies.Pardon the stiff lily and lavenders. I promise I will keep trying and improve everything that is here.