Excerpt from "The Ghost" Short Story

Excerpt from "The Ghost" Short Story - student project

The first thing that I remembered was being cold.  I had woken up in a house that was familiar but I couldn’t remember.  An old man stood across the room from where I was laying.  “Welcome to the other side.” he said and promptly disappeared.  I didn't know what he meant and there was no one else around.  So I started to wander around the maze of rooms that made up the house to which I was confined.  Things looked familiar and yet they didn’t.  Time passed slowly.  It felt as though nothing would change.  

But on my second trek through the rooms, I saw a family.  A little girl pointed to me and started talking.  I answered her questions because I was lonely.  She would tell her parents what I said and they suddenly looked frightened.  I could feel the fear in the air and I had a sudden urge to open my mouth to taste it.  I didn't, however, I followed the little girl around and talked to her.  She was really nice and she would always ask me to play with her.  I would oblige, but if her mother or father saw her playing with me, I felt the fear again.  I think the final straw was when the little girl asked me to take a seat at the table and I pulled out the chair.  The next thing I knew, the little girl and her parents were gone.  

I was upset by this, but soon another man and woman appeared on my wanderings.  At first, I followed them around to figure out if they also had a little girl that I could talk to, but there was no such luck. I would hear them complain about it being cold.  I tried to get the woman some tea once because she was walking around with a blanket cape. I felt bad for her.  She screamed when I opened the cabinet where the tea was stored.  The fear was so great that when I opened my mouth to try to tell her it was ok, I ended up eating some of it.  It was a strange flavor, kinda like how you would imagine electricity would taste. It made me feel more awake and stronger than I had been. That night as they were sitting down to dinner, I tried to sit at the table with them and discuss what had happened.  I felt I needed to explain myself.  Fear permeated the air when I sat down. I wanted to explain to them that I didn’t want to hurt them and I just wanted to help.  They quickly left the table and I sighed.  The next day they came in with a priest.  He was dressed all in black except for a little white patch in the middle of his shirt collar.  He walked around the house throwing water and saying something I couldn’t quite catch.  I followed him and soon he began shivering.  He started yelling but I didn't understand him.  I tried to yell back at him to tell him this but he wouldn’t shut up.  Luckily I was near one of the doors and I slammed it in hopes to get his attention.  Instead he ran from the house and I followed.  I tried calling out, but his fear fell into my mouth.  As much as I didn’t want to eat this stuff, I couldn’t deny that I felt really good when I did. He left through the front door and I was unable to follow him. 

I never saw the couple again, but not long after they left another family had moved in.  There was a little boy and a little girl.  They both could see me and I would play with them.  I told them not to tell their parents about me and I also told them that I meant them no harm.  However, as I was wandering through the house, I heard the little girl tell her mother about me.  I felt a slight prickle of fear, but the mother dismissed the little girl’s claim.  Soon though, the little girl had invited me to sit at the table with them since her daddy was away (or so she told me) and again when I pulled out the chair, the mother screamed.  I looked at the little girl who was confused why her mother reacted in such a way.  I quickly stalked out of the room because I was upset and I slammed the door behind me which elicited another scream. 

Not long after, I stumbled upon some strange men who were asking if anyone was there.  I was scared to talk to them, but I was so lonely.  At first they asked if I could turn on a light if I was there and I obliged.  They hid their fear better than previous people, and I smiled.  Maybe I could finally explain myself.  They asked if I could turn it off and I did that as well.  They asked me to move a chair, then asked if I could open and close the kitchen door.  I did all of that, but I was starting to get tired.  Luckily, one of the men started to ooze fear and I ate some of it.  I didn’t want to get too tired to actually talk to them.  After I ate, they started to complain of the cold and I rolled my eyes.  Seriously, I didn’t think it was cold anymore. Why was that the major problem? Anyway, the men brought out a little box that made a horrible noise.  They asked me to use it to communicate so I sat on the floor on the other side of the box.  They asked me my name but I couldn’t remember it.  I didn’t want to lie so I stayed silent.  They asked if I was still there and I told them I was.  One of the men jumped and oozed more fear so I ate it.  They asked what I wanted and I said “a friend”.  However, the machine didn’t pick up everything I said and it broadcasted “end”.  They asked if I wanted to hurt them.  I said no, but the stupid machine wasn’t working.  I yelled that I wanted a friend but it kept saying end. I felt the fear growing from both men now, and I quickly ate some more of it in hopes that maybe the machine would pick up the “fri” part of friend instead of the “end”.  It didn’t work though and I became so frustrated that I threw their little machine across the room.  It shattered against the wall and the men ran from the house.  I made a vow that I would not talk to anyone ever again.