Espresso Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies

Espresso Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies - student project

Tried out a new recipe for this project, which as you could see in the video, was probably not my wisest move as I had to adjust the dough for moisture and altitude! Either way, the cookies were very tasty, used up the random rye flour I had in the pantry, and had a nice unique look to them.

What I felt was super important to showcase here (especially in the macro shots) was how textured and sticky the dough was, and how deep and endless the pools of chocolate came out baked.

I kept my scene super simple with neutral backdrops, limited props, and a narrowed focus on the cookies.

Here's my sketched out plan in the Procreate app for the iPad Pro. I actually drew most of these out while I was flying to/from my last trip to Portland for vacation.

Note that I tried to vary my angles (flat lay, 45 degrees, straight on, close/far) as well as overall texture. Some of the shots have a LOT of information (the first shot with the many dough balls) and some have less going on, like the simple cookie stack shot.

I also put them in this order because it was my rough shooting sequence. This is the order I imagined they'd need to be shot in to be effective.

Here's how all the images came together! I didn't keep them in the same spots because I wanted to make sure the finished grid was balanced and varied.

I like the good mix of bright and moody image edits here and I think this worked out nicely!!

My favorite shot is probably.... top right with that gooey chocolate bite! I think my least fave is the cookie grid with my hand taking the cookie. I wish the top left cookie was as large as the other 3, and if I post as a finished photo on Insta, I'll probably photoshop it to be a bit bigger! Is that cheating, or are we ok with it??

Haha, thanks for reading, I'd love to hear what ya think!

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