Environment Design

Environment Design - student project


Hello everyone!

This is one of my first digital environment designs. I usually work in a monochromatic manner and on paper, so switching to digital painting was quite the challenge.



All of my thumbnails were done in a sketchbook and I didn't get a chance to scan them but this is what I ended up going with as a base. At this point, I wasn't sure what I was going for but I used some of the custom shapes to help me figure out the sense of space.



I decided to work by sections for this particular one and went a little brush crazy at the beginning. But by dividing the sections of the canvas and then bringing them together really helped me modify and restructure the areas I wasn't happy with.



And so this is the final painting. I do admit, I went a little overboard with custom brushes and textures. But I will be going back to it to fix a few things (mainly the colors+sky+bridge).

So if anyone has tips or critiques on how to further improve this I will gladly accept them!