Electronic Goals Book

Electronic Goals Book - student project

I've seen Ohn Mar flip through her goals books on many occasions but I don't think I ever quite understood how to put one together until now. I was very excited to see this course and I'm diving right in.

I was very intrigued with the video concept but decided that rather than make a physical book or video i would do a virtual journal using the Bamboo app. This allows me to take screenshots from Pinterest, crop photos and collage them on the page very easily. I can even doodle or draw on the pages right on top of the photos. The app has a really nice flow - just like flipping through a book.

Above is the first page of my journal which gives me some large over arching ideas to direct my thinking...

In 2016 my husband and I bought a farm in the mountains but we still currently live more than four hours away in the city. This image was perfect for my first page! This page reminds me to make room in my days and not be halted by fear.

I liked how Ohn Mar asked us to imagine a specific day so I'm organizing the first part of my journal in just that way - chronologically through a day.

Below is the page I just finished and is a good example of how I'm exploring writing and doodling on the photos... (the empty cup picture is not one of my doodles - it's from Pinterest).

***All photographs and artwork were taken from Pinterest without attribution - these pages are shown only as an example of my private personal journal and I do not use these images to promote myself in any way. If you like an image and want to see it's attribution please check my Pinterest boards.

Life is colorful!