Eclipse (Shorsh style)

Eclipse (Shorsh style) - student project

Instead of starting with an image from space (which is a GREAT idea by the way) I used an image I created with the Uzu iPhone app. Uzu is a generative art tool that creates random patterns with unlimited possibilities. From there, I followed along with Jorge's instructions, using Glitche and the scene function to create a 3d landscape. I tweaked it a few times in Glitche until I got the effect I wanted. Then I sent it to Mextures and added lots of the grunge/gradient effects I wanted. The minor twist is that I created two images in Mextures that I liked (one light, one dark) because I wanted to experiment with another iPhone app called Union. In Union, I used the two images I created and put them as the foreground and background. I then used the masking tools to create the shapes you see in the final image!

It's really amazing how creative you can get with your artwork using only our phone!

Eclipse (Shorsh style) - image 1 - student project