Echeveria Afterglow, mistakes were made.

Echeveria Afterglow, mistakes were made. - student project

This is an Echeveria Afterglow that I recently got in the mail. She is beautiful but a bit more temperamental than some of my other succulents. I move her around depending on light and weather, sometimes indoor sometimes out. 
I’ve made a few mistakes with her. I planted her immediately with out resting her out of ignorance. I may have buried too much of her stem, I’m not sure how much is ok. I’m not sure if I used the appropriate sized pot. I put her in a glazed pot with 50 cactus mix and 50 perlite soil and I watered immediately. This was a mistake because it’s still often chilly here in tx. Also, we had a long stretch of cloud cover and rain when I repotted. Either way, she ended up water logged and dropping her bottom leaves. So I dug her up and currently her root ball is drying out before I repot in unglazed pot with a higher grit percentage. I will be adding some lava rock mix to the soil as well as the perlite for grit. It’s silly I know but I name my plants. This one is Aurora. I hope with the new knowledge I’ve gained that Aurora thrives.