Drawing And Painting Birds

Drawing And Painting Birds - student project

Gestural Sketches

These gestural sketches are great for warm-up and show that a good sketch doesn’t have to have many lines. Don’t be afraid to make bold strokes in this step, and - very important - don’t be mad at yourself when a sketch doesn’t end up good. Simply make another one. This exercise is for warming up.

Drawing And Painting Birds - image 1 - student project


I followed my step-by-step process for drawing and painting this robin (sketches, basic shapes, lines and angles, color, details):

Drawing And Painting Birds - image 2 - student project


Using a slightly looser approach, you can get interesting sketchbook pages where drawing and painting complement each other:

Drawing And Painting Birds - image 3 - student project


Great Tit
Drawing the same species in several positions and from different angles helps to understand how they sit and move. You can draw and paint as loose or detailed as you like.

Drawing And Painting Birds - image 4 - student project

Julia Bausenhardt

Nature Sketching & Illustration