Don't Lose Time to Create Time - Let Me Explain...

Don't Lose Time to Create Time - Let Me Explain... - student project

I love my work. I work a LOT.

"Entrepreneurs are the crazy people who work 100 hours a week, so they don't have to work 40 hours for someone else..." 

I just saw this quote recently and it is so true it made me LOL. But it also made me want to cry. So I laugh/cried. I love my work. I often need to be dragged away from my work. But why do I work so hard? To create moments for families. To remind people of the importance of together time. To get away from gadgets and get back to each other. To create memories for families and traditions and to help them savor the richness of the short time we have when our kids are little. I wanted to create something that would also allow me more time with my kids and husband.

What hit me recently is how many times I have missed moments with my husband and kids NOW to work creating moments for other kids and telling myself I am working so I can get more moments with my family "later", when we are successful, and can go on mission trips together, and give back...

But later may not arrive for a while, there are still many steps to take and a lot of work to do. In fact "later" will technically NEVER arrive. Later is NOW. I have had my hands in a lot of different pots, which have lead me seemingly strategically (though thoroughly not my plan) to where I am today, launching KC's Magic Garden, a children's book inside a kit for families to create treasured traditions and memories and fun magical moments to remember. 

So, now I know. NOW is what I have. Even ten minutes means the world to a child and it only takes a moment to make a memory. I am learning to use my time wisely. It takes a tremendous amount of work to launch a business. Designing, planning, creating the last five years was one thing, launching it is like starting all over, it is a lot of time and a lot of work. But stealing time to make time doesn't make sense. Balancing time and using it most effectively does.

I made the decision to savor my children while they are still young. To really take full moments and time with them. No success will ever be worth me waking up one day and saying, "OK, now I am ready!" to find my children are gone and have families of their own.

I will passionately pursue my dream of making treasured family time and moments for others while I do the same for my family. ~ Clarissa Dane Hughes, Co-creator and co-author of KC's Magic Garden c2013 Pat. Pend. K&C Hughes, Inc. 

"Don't let it slip on, don't let it slip on, don't let it slip on by..." - Austin Webb

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