Different poses and expressions

Different poses and expressions - student project

This is a character sheet of one of my Oc's, Riversong. I had taken several different pictures of myself as recommended in the class and sketched out the different positions and expressions I saw. Then for the coloring, I had used what I knew and have studied about art to help me color the character above, since I had no references for it.  ( I study a famous artist, Jim Lee's art. He's a big inspiration in the art world for me! I also have other artists that inspire me such as Tati moons, and Merwild Coco.)

Here are my rough sketches below; ( I use simple shapes to help me put together a realistic face, as seen for the nose, there is a circle and for the chin, there is an oval!)

This class was wonderful and really helped me learn more, thank you, and have a great day! 

Blooming artist/ Highschool student