Did my homework

Did my homework - student project

Challenging but just at my level right now. Love this series and I was finally able to work and follow along today. Thank you for this class series!

Also, I cheated a little with the dots because I realized too late that I had screwed up the spacing, so I ended up just duplicating some of the dots to fill the spaces. Although screwed up the ticking with the pucker brush so that the outermost line was too spaced out at points, but was able to adjust it back to a better place without undoing everything.

I'd love to know where you sell your scrapbooks papers, by the way.

Little update: I decided to test myself and create a little group of hearts, did all the same transformations; then added the little circles and did those separately, just to play. Could use the randomizing a bit more, but fun to play with these new tools.

Did my homework - image 1 - student projectDid my homework - image 2 - student projectDid my homework - image 3 - student projectDid my homework - image 4 - student projectDid my homework - image 5 - student project