Design Trends 2019

Design Trends 2019 - student project

Watch my latest Skillshare class on design trends and techniques I see being popular or continuing into 2019 and beyond. Below are some design pieces I put together to practice a few of the styles/trends and themes I saw after doing 30 hours of research on some amazing inspiration websites like 

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Vibrant Gradient Meshes 
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What do you see as a design trend for 2019? This is a loaded question, and hope to start a great discussion on what you think might be big. (answer below in the comments section!) 

More 3-D objects in Design Pieces 

Of course as designers, just blindly following trends does not make for creating classic design pieces that can stand the test of time. That is why we need to think about design trends as future preferences that can help us market products in the now and produce work that clients approve and enjoy.

Class Link: Design Trends 2019

There could be trends that can evolve, like incorporating more 3-D objects in graphic design that could become new styles or trends that can shape what we consider "classic design" that stands the test of time. Same thing with AU or augmented reality. What is new could become classic. 

Misaligned Typography

Our jobs as designers is to always challenge our perception of what GREAT design is, old and new so we can create judgement free designs that provoke the right emotions 2, 5, 20 years from now.

Class Link: Design Trends 2019

Instagram: @LindsayMarshDesign

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