Dancing kelp

Dancing kelp - student project

I loved the class so much!

I started the project on a Letter size paper;

during the process converted  to mm-

it was very good training, having 7 layers , each - 2 sheets of paper and all in 215.9 X 558.8 mm...wow, I learned a lot along frustrations...

I still haven't figured out how/why my layers overlap, but I am in the beginning of learning, so step-by-step....

thank you, Kristina- it was eye-opening experience for me, I have never before had full spatial understanding of half-drop, now I look at any pattern with different filter and feel how it can work for me.

here are couple iterations of my Dancing Kelp:


Dancing kelp - image 1 - student project
Dancing kelp - image 2 - student projectDancing kelp - image 3 - student project