Creating a maketing funnel - Etsy shop

Creating a maketing funnel - Etsy shop - student project

My Etsy shop is super-new, only a few days so I don't have any customers (yet). I want to create a funnel that at least is made with some kind of thought so I can change and finetune it if it is not working. I am using Instagram and Linktree as primary my funnel. At the moment I use a picture, a copy that urges the viewer to go to my Linktree. In my Linktree I have "Etsy" first and a "About" as the second button. My "Etsy" leads directly to my shop with a banner that states "Buy 3 get 1 for free". The "About" leads to an AdobeSpark page with a caption about the shop, a video, and a button "Take a tour". 

IDEA: I am thinking my CTA maybe could be more clear on my buttons. Maybe in the Linktree "Etsy" -> "Buy your art print here", and in my AdobeSpark button "Buy your art print here". But maybe it is too salesy. Any thoughts and reflections appreciated.

-Is there any established and working sales funnels for Linktree to try?

My Insta with my Linktree:


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