Crazy wire Sweetheart Ring

Crazy wire Sweetheart Ring - student project

Step 1  I have chosen to use the18 gauge anodized wire for my project for ease of shaping and strength of the material.  I found a cool bead that fits nicely onto my wire without being too loose.  Looking forward to get started.

Step 2  Shaping the bottom of the ring with my round tool.  I used a paintbrush since it was tapered for different sizes and was readily available.  

Step 3  Shaping the top of the ring using my plyers and by hand depending which way works best.

Step 4  Finishing one side of the ring by putting the bead onto the wire and tucking the excess underneath and inside the heart area so the end of the wire doesn't catch on anything or hurt anyone or myself.

Step 5  Finish the other side of the ring by wrapping the end to the back and tucking the end where it is not exposed just like the other side.

Yay!  All done!!!  Now I can enjoy wearing my ring and impress my friends.  ; )  I plan to make another one as a gift for someone special.

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