Color obsession

Color obsession - student project

My choice of Primaries  is not the best for beginners-  the yellow being more Ochre,  has a multitude of moods. And it might be a Neutralized color.

I made 2 mandalas strictly to put the colors together in advance, without aiming for design but more as a visual guide. They are also a part of my study of saturation/intensity and opposites.

Following are my tests of a friendships in the chosen palette- (Nickel Quinacridone Gold Manganese Blue Hue Alizarin Crimson - all M.Graham)

(I made a testing nest to see some color combinations beforehand).


Here is my test for my first flower mandala - it has several opposites but it works for me, maybe because it is like fall forest.

Chris answered my question regarding the color temperature by a whole article in her blog. ( thank you!!!!) here it is:

That helped me noticed the first warning I need to keep in mind entering the world of color-

In my palette I am using Alizarin Crimson ( which is a Cool Red when is made in USA).

Here is Alizarin Crimson made in  France- Sennelier. It is Neutral Red and has totally different properties, more as a warm red.

Here are both Alizarin Cromson- in one wheel, their violets so different, one is grey.

Alizarin Crimson made by M.Graham and Daniel Smith are more or less the same- with pink undertone,  French one is Neutralized for me, or maybe Warm Red.

Mixed with the other Neutral in my palette it doesn't sing but it would be great for illustrations of  a book of melancholic poetry, or a nature landscape on a cold fall morning.

 I will never be  tired  to say Thousand thanks to Chris - the Master of color.

Chris opened for me a whole world and called me an artist, like she addresses everyone who dares to step in this world. My deepest gratitude!!