Cole's Overnight Oats

Cole's Overnight Oats - student project

Here is my first go at overnight oats (and my delight at finding another use for jam jars I obsessively save!). I keep bags of frozen berries in my freezer (mostly for use as an addition to a glass of bubbly) and that's what I topped my oats with this morning. I travel a lot too, so for me, frozen fruit on hand helps tremendously when my fridge is bare from extended travel. I loved this recipe becasue all the ingredients keep well, and are great for people like me who travel a lot.

This was such a great Skillshare class and putting the oats together last night was so easy. Your recipe has great balance and now that I've had a go with it, I feel confident about tweaking proportions and experimenting with other additions. I loved the frozen fruit on top (I used a 'berry mixture').

I'm taking a weekend trip with friends this weekend and I'm packing overnight oats for us to have the next morning. This should travel well!



Happy to report that traveling with 3 of these overnight oats for a girls weekend trip was a success! So nice to wake up to these ready to go in the fridge. They traveled just fine in a small cooler with ice packs. In the morning, we just sat out some frozen berries to thaw while we made our coffee. Great, filling way to wake up. And well all managed to get our workouts in afterwards. :)

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