Clever Octopus

Clever Octopus - student project


For my project I choose octopus, because they inspired me by their cleverness :) They can open the jar!

Also I have a nice toy octopus :)

But actually I love many animals, and it is hard to choose. I think I should draw more pictures. It's exciting, so I'm sure I'll do.

I decided to write text "Clever Octopus" and let my drawing be a greeting card. This is my first sketch, just a thought.

Then I do some more sketches of octopus and decided that he must have a glasses because he is clever. 

I tryed to make word "octopus" looks like an octopus legs. And then I draw that awesome octopus in the bottom of a sheet. I like him, he looks clever and i think he has some vintage look. I decided to work with him and then make the lettering.

After that I erased some sketches above octopus and drew word "clever". And I decided to make phrase more personal ad added personalization.

Then I use advice from another class and use transparent paper to redraw my sketch clean and make some improvements (i have no lightbox). I also have no scanner :) So I take a photo of my drawing and prepare in photoshop to trace.

I traced it at first in shapes and at second in lines and I was not so happy with both results. I see, I need a scanner, it's hard to make good clean photo and equal by light. In my picture above I loose some ditales, picture is sharper than I need. I made another attempt to do good sketch for tracing and use marker. I made bold lines and draw shadows and textures and I think that it looks good in black and white colors

But on real paper it looks much better than my traced result.

So I decided to do hard work and redraw my sketch in vectors by my hands. It calming me and I can say that I love the process, if it not so often :) The minus is that it loosing that nice handdrawn look that has good traced sketch.

In process I also made some changes. I made octopus legs much bolder (second time) , made eyes bigger, move elements and added shadows.

I choose some bright and vintage-looking colors. And I also made texture of hatching and texture of waves. And in the end I added old paper texture.

So this is my final work.

Sorry if my english poor. Hope you like my work.

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