Clay Project

Clay Project - student project

I have ordered some clay.  It is low fire earthenware clay suitable for many forms of work and also suitable in a classroom for children.  I researched a long time before I chose this clay.  My decisions were based on these elements, low-fire, ease of working (I have reduced muscle use at this time), color is white after firing which will go well with my project desire.  I will be able to pick this up at Walmart in a week.  I am hoping my daughter will want to experiment with this herself.  I am incredibly excited about this project.

I got my clay and my husband cut off a piece for me.  Need I say that he is excited about this project.  I set my dining room table, aka, only table, up for the work.  At this point I made these items:  

a slab box












I used small pieces of slab, then glued them together and added little cubes for feet.  The lid has an inside rim so that it won't fall off the bottom.  The top handle did not turn out to be as good for actually using as I had planned.  But hey, this is my first lidded box, or thing.

My second is:

the pinch pot.

The pinch pot was difficult.  I may have been using clay that is too wet.  It kept wanting to sink and widen.  After it dried a bit I carved out a bottom foot.  It isn't as deep as I wanted but it is a very little bowl.  Getting the walls even is a challenge as well with this one.

Some feet I made with left over bits.  Little ball feet.

Added "churro" coil foot.

I am working on the next techniques.  A slab cup and a coil pot.  I will show you these when I have them ready. 

All of these are green still because I have not gotten my kiln yet, though I have found one at a great price.

We bought a used kiln.  It's a vulcan.  They are made close to where we live.  It is perfect for what I am wanting to do.

I didn't glaze any of this yet.  I think that some of these don't need it because they were polished before being fired.  I am using this lidded box for holding my stamps for marking my pottery.

Some pieces, the pinch pot.

A stack of little plates.

This course was so helpful.  I didn't manage to do all the parts but I learned a lot and have continued to work with clay.  I'm currently using stoneware.

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