Class project by Mariya

Class project by Mariya - student project

Hello Melanie!

Setting prices been the hardest part for me, as I started about half a year ago.

I do have the price list now, but every job has some different twist to it, even if all clients require a logo design.

As I'm really new to the field I charge very little, although I started to increase prices gradually. 

These are a few logos I made recently, almost all my clients are entrepreneurial young mums =)

A logo with 4 seasons

A logo adapted for IG and Website

A logo for an IG shop that specialises on eco baby products

I know it must look amateur and given that I have no background in logos or design Im ok with it it for now, because I learn so much on every new job and Im genuinely in love with all the above logos =D My clients really push me to learn new things, think harder and be more creative and I love it =) 

But I haven't got into the habit of charging deposit, which I really should sometime soon. However being a beginner in the field, gathering the courage to do so is sooo hard!

Thank you for the inspiration and another great class =) 


Photographer & Illustrator