Class Project: Galaxy Shoes!

Class Project: Galaxy Shoes! - student project

Before joining Skillshare I was pretty scared of the paintbrush let alone the thought of painting shoes! But after taking this class I want to paint shoes, canvas, clothes you name it =D I had so much fun doing this class. Here is what I created...


I bought these for $10 each at KMart. They had black ones with white stitching but I decided to go with the all white.

I had a bunch of old acrylic paint lying around at home that I decided to try. I have also been experimenting with white ink and thought I'd use that for the stars.

Work In Progress...

I started on a pair of sneakers for myself using pink, purple, blue, black and white paint.

I made a second pair of sneakers for my sister and used green, blue, black and white paint. I love making a mess!

Finished Product!

I finished the sneakers in time for my sister's birthday and gave them to her for her present. She loved them just as much as I love mine! I didn't use a textile medium so it will be interesting to see how they hold up. We won't be wearing them out in the rain that's for sure. I might try spraying a waterproofing agent on them to help them last longer.

Thanks for the great class Tabitha!