Chwast Challenge: Self-Portrait

Chwast Challenge: Self-Portrait - student project

In this project, I want to avoid the cliché of self-portrait (something Seymour Chwast advised in the video). The typical self-portraits are about the face, but I pushed myself for an elaborate vision. I’ve been forced to take unconventional paths in my life, and I want this project to reflect the struggles and optimism in my life. I keep deviating out of necessity, but it only makes me more resourceful person.


Above are the images that were on my mind while I was creating this project.  I was mainly driven to create a Jan Lenica-esque image. I wanted to replicate the emotional torture and intensity of his works of Polish film posters.

I set myself restrictions before I started because the brief was pretty loose. I want the outcome to be in a portrait orientation. I also limit my color palette to three main colors (beige, black, red-pink).  Many ideas were explored, but I ultimately chose the tarot card concept.


The hands on the waves are inner demons and outside influences in my life. I’ve added the number zero for tarot card authenticity and the idea of resetting one’s life. The cliffs are the precarious circumstances I'm forced to deal with.

I learned valuable lessons from seeing Seymour Chwast’s archive in its original form and it also gave me things to reflect on myself. Thank you, Mr. Chwast! 

Graphic designer in progress