Chilli Choc and Sea Salt Dark Choc

Chilli Choc and Sea Salt Dark Choc - student project

Here are my images of chilli chocolate and sea salt chocolate bars (both the same brand), hope you like them! I would love some feedback or criticism as I am trying to build up my food photography skills for my food blog :)

I absolutely loved this class, and your others! This is my first time submitting a project, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 

I used black card on either side of each set up, alternating between a place mat or tissue paper to diffuse the light coming in from the window. My surface was an olive wood chopping board for the sea salt choc and black card with chalk (as per one of your other lessons!) for the chilli choc. 

Thanks again, loved this class and would be grateful for any comments! :) 

Sian xxx