Cheese Fondue Party and Tomato Relish

Cheese Fondue Party and Tomato Relish - student project

As I looked round Pinterest I realised how much 70's style kitchenware I was attracted to. There was a lot of Pyrex had seen in in my granddads and parents kitchen and incidentally inherited some pieces. As I delved into this era I was also taken back to my childhood with the whacky wallpaper too. I wanted to capture some of that essence in my illustrated recipe, choosing fondue as a good example. 

I was mindful of the colours and lettering of that era, and I hope to have captured the vibe of the 70's here.

Just as a contrast to the 70's I produced this illustrated recipe too, which is lighter in feel. Working again from images I was attracted to I sought to create a piece which said old style kitchen. The weigh scales was particularly fun to draw and the lettering too.

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