Character Biography (Teacher Sample)

Character Biography (Teacher Sample) - student project

Salima “Sal” Villoa Lazaro is a 17 year old student. She attends a Catholic high school, but identifies as an atheist. Her parents are migrants from Latin America, her first languages are Spanish and Portuguese. She aspires to be
a doctor or medical researcher.

Sal is usually very positive, but she occasionally falls into intense bouts of self-deprecation and deep melancholy that can last days or even weeks.

Sal is extroverted, enjoys attending social gatherings and is fairly popular with classmates, but is also extremely selective with whom she gives her complete trust to. She prefers casual dating over steady romantic relationships.

Sal’s family is lower middle class. She has a good relationship with both of her parents, but is particularly close to her dad. She has an older sister away in college, they don’t get along very well.

Sal was in an accident that long a big scar that runs across her leg. Although she is generally confident, her scar is something that makes her feel very insecure.

In her free time, Sal enjoys hiking and being in nature, reading newspapers and watching science documentaries.

Cartoonist, Designer and Illustrator