Captain Croc!

Captain Croc! - student project

Character Exploration.

I have been recently in Costa Rica and I saw these monsters live and in the nature! It was very refreshing and really inspiring. So, I thought It would be nice to add him with my character...

The sword was not working so I changed it for the gun, also the crocodile was too small... I think I lost a little bit of the personality of the character in the clean-up.. I am going to check that. This is what I have so far, short but sure steps.

Some changes in the sketch that could work better. The bird, crocodile mouth and the pirate position.

Checking anatomy. Not really sure about the animals´s anatomy...1st silhouette. 

2snd silhouette. The nearest leg to the head was a little confusing, so I moved it to the right. Also the other legs, a little bit more separate from the body.Clean up!

Values_character.Background.Scene with values.

I added light and changed some little things like the horizon to give some more movement to the illustration. I am not quite sure if it is Ok the light... It doesn´t seem correct. The image doesn't stand out, which is the purpose of the light, it is still too flat... I think I will change it when coloring.Color process 1

Color process 2The last step for this style. Added some indirect light.

I decided to take a break in the other one and I took the advice of Denis, trying to simplify the shapes and the whole illustation. Nevertheless, I will finish the first one when I have a spare time ;)Second color blocking.Color of the last one.

Listening to the teacher's advice, I have made some changes.
Keep learning with this and enjoying the process :)

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