Brush & Pen Work

Brush & Pen Work - student project

I really enjoyed the "Expressive Brushwork" class so I decided to take this one as well. Again, I do not have any inks, so I used Payne's Gray watercolor for the mono-tone versions.

Watercolor gradients and tonal cubes:

Brush & Pen Work - image 1 - student project

Cross hatching gradients and cubes:

Brush & Pen Work - image 2 - student project

Mono-tone landscape. Sketched with Derwent Gunmetal grey watercolour pencil.Payne's Gray watercolor. Final details & texture done with Micron .01mm pen for the background and then IDenti 0.4/1.0 mm pen in foreground. Love the reference photo by the way!

Brush & Pen Work - image 3 - student project

Color Landscape:

Brush & Pen Work - image 4 - student project

Amy Earls

Watercolor Artist