[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - student project

Hey everyone, I just started taking the lessons for this class a few days ago! Getting started on the sketch phase right now to flesh out the main character's appearance.

Character Sketches

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - image 1 - student project

These are half character sketches, half notes on comic structure. I've never really done anything remotely like humor before so I'm trying to also nail down the writing/comedic timing part.

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - image 2 - student project

These are a bit more character centric.

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - image 3 - student project

Sort of getting an idea of how the protagonist will be portrayed. I've got this black jacket that I've had forever and wear way more often than I should (even when it's not cold...), so I think that'll be the key article of clothing. Model sheet is next.

Model Sheet

Finally finished this. On to the comic!

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - image 4 - student project


This was tough! This class has been immensely helpful and I'm grateful for Sarah for organizing it and for all the helpful feedback I got.

[Brian Shepard] Self Comicification - image 5 - student project

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