Breaking into the Side Hustle World

Breaking into the Side Hustle World - student project

Why I want to learn about freelancing and alternative ways to earn money:
Freedom to travel, work my own schedule, move to Portugal and be able to work (before gaining fluency in Portuguese), be able to live outside of the city/move from London so that I can spend more time with animals and have pets.

One of my main goals in life is to be able to have animals all around me alongside having the freedom to travel, enjoy life and learn languages. My fiance is Portuguese and we plan to move to his village yet I don't know Portuguese. I currently work as a retail manager and have made great progress in my career and I have improved my soft skills. I would hate to then "demote" myself to work a job where I wouldn't be able to communicate, and be forced to start from scratch as a cleaner etc. I would like to evolve from here rather than step backwards. And I'd like to escape retail!
I want to build my own business and take more control over my life, all whilst continuing to learn & engage in what I'm doing everyday.

 So far in my life I have collected various skills which I'll list off in no particular order:
Barista skills, management skills, team building, coaching, motivating, organizing work schedules/rotas, working towards deadlines, Health & Safety/Food Safety, First Aid, Fire Warden, payroll, stock controlling, retail store management, customer service skills in person & over email, increased Organic & Vegan food product knowledge, basic IT skills, database building, food men creation, visual marketing, marketing, event organizing, training, commercial awareness, till systems, food industry experience, food service, inventory checks, analyzing business sales, bartending (pub-level), assertiveness, leadership, mentoring, developing staff and probably more.