Brazilian Cornmeal Cake

Brazilian Cornmeal Cake - student project

Hello everybody,

That was a very delicious class and I'm happy that I could make my first recipe illustration!

It took me very long, but here it is!

I chose a recipe that is part of my life since I was a kid in the 70s, so that's the decade I chose to make the illustration.

Here is my moodboard :

Some of my drawings:

That's what I did on Ai :


Then to add texture a brought it into Ps as I prefer to work with textures there.

For the recipe lettering I wanted to have my mother's handwriting so I asked her to write the recipe.

I used a scanner of a graph paper that I used back in the 70s to put the recipe on. Yes I still have some around.

I'm from Brazil and here we have a coffee time (café da tarde-afternoon coffee) just like the English have their tea time. In the middle of the afternoon we have a coffee with some bread, sweets (the cornmeal cake is one of the typical sweets), etc. It's a moment that we sit down and enjoy a bit of relaxing time with family and friends. It's by far my favorite meal of the day that's why I had to illustrate it too. ;o)

To see the recipe and the textures a little better here you have the illustration in two parts.



It was very hard to make this project, but was definitely worth it as I could practice the things I learned in this class and add some new skills to my knowledge.

Thank you Ohn Mar for sharing your process!

Have a delicious week everybody!

Illustrator and Surface pattern designer