Becoming a Skillshare Teacher

Becoming a Skillshare Teacher - student project

The opportunity to learn new things always excites me. I have a whole list of skills that I want to acquire some day. That was one of the reasons I signed in for Skillshare. When I saw the Teaching Challenge, I thought that was my chance to step out of my comfort zone and produce something valuable. I wanted to create my own class to teach other people through the skills I already had and also to make myself learn a new skill that way: video-making.

It wasn't as easy as I hoped but I managed to create my first class before the project deadline. It was a huge accomplishment for me because my days are really busy so I only had time to film during the weekend. I even took a day off from work because I couldn't focus when my family was at home. But all the efforts were worth it because I learned so much in the process of making the class. And actually I was impressed that so many people watched it after it was published!

I managed to create a second class, this time with more "talking head" moments. It is still really hard for me to speak in front of the camera but I am improving.

I am looking forward to create more classes and to deliver better and better quality of video and more knowledge! And every class is still a big step out of my comfort zone.

Daniela Lambova

Food Blogger & Photographer