Banana muffins

Banana muffins - student project

Hi Shubhranshu, the recipe works like magic and the muffins came out very well. I have a couple of observations and suggestions to share. The suggested quantities lead to a consistency that is more watery and hence I suggest baking for 40min to ensure that the muffins are cooked. Second, I substituted cow milk for soy milk and it worked out fine. So for those who cannot find soy milk or do not want to go through the labour of making a plant based milk, ordinary milk should word just fine. finally, I did not have coconut flour and hence did not use it, but it may be a good thing to add as per the recipe as it may lead to a less runny consistency of the batter and hence a shorter baking time. Overall a great recipe that is healthy and more cost effective than the store bought muffins.