Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling - student project


My first idea was about an arm wrestling match I had while on a family vacation in Portugal. My cousion, Edgar was curious why his seventeen year old cousin was waving at strange men in a bar in Portugal. I  explained that Manuel was a friend of my Dads from Toronto. I also explained that ever since I was three years old, whenever or wherever  I saw him, I had to arm wrestle him.

The second idea was about a trip to see a lady with "healing powers" named Shika


The third idea was about my on voyage to get my car back from the impound lot after it was towed while I was getting my wisdom teeth worked on' Lots of walking and spitting in that one.

I decided to go with the arm wrestling story becausee I thought it would have a nice range of emotion and character than the other two.


These are rough sketches of my set and my characters. I also have some arm wrestling images for posing and nice compositions that I will use. The panels that I included are more like beats in my story. I had a hard time finding images for my set so I included images that gave me the feel of the cantina mor ethan anything else.



These are actually my second passs onmy thumbnails. I made the mistake of getting caught up in roughing the whole thing out, instead of concentrating on my main beats. I went back and simplified what I had. 

Storyboarding - First Pass

This is my first pass. The drawings are very rough and I know it will flow better with a continuity pass to clarify camera moves.  I would really apprecaite any comments regarding staging and clarity at this point.


This is my second pass. drawings are still pretty rough. I would really appreciate imput on the staging acting and composition. Im having trouble loading up the individual iamges so I collected them  together.