Application Selection

Application Selection - student project
  • What is your to-do list application? 

I picked "Remember the Milk" and "Todist". I'll experiement with both to see which I prefer the most.



  • Why do you choose to use this to-do list application? How do you see yourself transitioning in the future?

What I love about the"Remember the Milk" is its simplicity. Thanks to the matrix, I realize that I fall in the heavy personal quadrant but will eventually evolve into heavy professional. Both applications address current and future needs.

Ideally, I'd prefer to have one application to stick with moving forward instead of transitioning into a new one later on down the line.

So far I love that both applications can be used on my computer and phone. 

Look forward to finalizing my decision in the next week or so. 

 UPDATE 12/23/2017

I have settled with Todoist.

Currently experimenting with projects and how best to set them up. Came to terms with the fact that sticking with three to four main projects is best.

Anything that requires one action step is put in the project named "Single Action Steps". I can't remember where I came across that idea.

Any projects that have yet to be worked on, go into 'Someday'.

Created a project for repeat items, as well as a weekly priority list to keep my goals at top of mind.

So far so good. The Kharma points are fun to keep tabs on. Motivates me to get a little more done when possible. There are days however where nothing is done. It's all about experimenting and refining the process.