Andy Makes a Change

Andy Makes a Change - student project

I recently decided it was time to dress like a grown-up, so I did my usual: scour the web for as much information as possible. Inevitably, I came across Style Girlfriend. I'll spare you the details, but I read and read and read, and eventually found  this Skillshare class. $15 for some (somewhat) personalized style help? Why not?

First, the measurements. I measured myself, but I've done so many measurements for work (fitness field) that I'm pretty good at it.

HT - 5'9

WT - 165

Neck - 15

Chest - 40

Sleeve - 29

Natural Waist - 30.5

Hip/where pants sit - 32

Inseam - 29

I knew most of these already, but it never hurts to double-check.

With that out of the way, it was time to build outfits. I've picked up a nice variation of new clothes over the last 2 weeks...luckily, several of those pieces were featured in the essentials video. I'm stil missing a few things, but I'll make do.

I'll update this as I can, but I'll start with a before and after of my weekend wear. About 2 weeks ago, I wore the first to New Belgium Brewing to work. To be clear, I don't work there but do my own work there (writing). The second picture is what I wore 2 days ago...

New weekend wear: check. Here's the reasoning:

I work hard in the gym and have a decent build, so a v-neck works really well for me. I live in northern CO, but we're in the height of summer and it routinely hits 90. A v-neck tee seemed the perfect compromise between staying cool and looking good. I feel like the light blue is a nice summer color and my girlfriend says I look good in it, so that's a no-brainer. As for the jeans, well, there's not much to say. They're one of the essentials and I was easily able to find a pair that fits me well. I can only really afford one pair of shoes right now, so I went with brown leather cap toes. From the ridiculous amount of reading I've done thus far, these and wingtips seem to be a nice bridge between casual and dressy.

Back to work I go, but will return soon to upload the next two looks.