Analyzing Old Art and Redrawing It (Teacher Sample)

Analyzing Old Art and Redrawing It (Teacher Sample) - student project

First, I selected an old drawing that I did back in November of 2017.

I took time to study it and determine what were the things I liked about the drawing and what were the things I didn't like and wanted to improve upon. Here's my short list of both:

Things I liked:

- The physical interaction between the two figures

- The hair rendering style

- The overall mood/tone of the peice


Things I wanted to change:

- Introduce more interesting color scheme

- Make the posing more natural looking

- Improve body part placement and anatomy

- Add a background and more details in the clothing and jewelery


Before redrawing the old piece, I did a few things to help me prepare and better execute the final drawing. The first thing I did was a tracing exercise using a variety of photos of people hugging in different ways.

After the tracing exercise, I did several rough sketches of my original two figures interacting to try to determine the most interesting pose. From there, I selected the sketch I felt was most successful and began my final redrawing using the selected sketch as a guide.


I also did a couple of few things during the drawing process that helped improve my redrawing. The first being that when I was uncertain of the angle and perspective in my pencil sketch, I took a few reference photos of my own when I was unable to find one online.


Since adding a background and details was also important to me, I looked up images of different formal clothes, accessories and fancy interiors to give me inspiration. Looking back at these photos, I now understand that they also inspired some of my color scheme choices.


Here is the final drawing, loosely based on the original:


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