An Ode to Mildenhall

An Ode to Mildenhall - student project

Hey! I'm Bruce from the UK - I live in the little town of Mildenhall in Suffolk. First, a BIG thank you to Mr. Draplin for this awesome tutorial - your videos kick ass.

So, I started by collecting some inspiration online + I made a visit to the town museum and took a few photos around town myself.

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 1 - student project



For a person I chose the character from the Mildenhall Treasures' Great Dish, Oceanus...

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 2 - student project




I don't know? This Oceanus dude reminds me of someone...

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 3 - student project



The Mildenhall Town Market Cross was chosen for my item, then developed to create a better shaped icon...

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 4 - student project



More development below creating the town image. I started off far too detailed then went with silhouttes like in Aarons' tutorial as it works far better in the final image. Also in the image below is the KC-135 aircraft illustration I used from a previous project of mine.

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 5 - student project



Work on the shape of the final image below and adding all of the Mildenhall elements...

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 6 - student project


Colours! Still not 100% but here is what I have come up with so far...

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 7 - student project


Final image... Really pleased with it. It's been a great little course. Thanks again Aaron for all the tips and advice in the videos. If anyone would like to check out more of my work, please take a look at

An Ode to Mildenhall - image 8 - student project