American living in Europe.

American living in Europe. - student project

I now live in Europe and am fascinated by old structures and buildings from the old world. I do use Instagram so that family and friends can keep up to date with my travels. And because of this I primarily shoot using the square format.

I now use my iPhone 6 as my camera of choice. Its so versatile and with the numerous apps out there you can create to your hearts content!

Taken with my iPhone 6 creating depth of field by focusing on the locks using manual mode in the Camera+  app. I usually take numerous shots (5-10) , sometimes in burst, with hopes of being able to use one of the shots after being scaled down to the square format. You lose a lot by cropping. I then finished up using a preset in the Mextures app.

American living in Europe. - image 1 - student project


Another shot in Hamburg as I was walking down the street and just happened to look to my right and noticed the tower placement in between the two building structures. I hope to go back on a Sunday moring to re-shoot this image becasue I feel it would look a lot nicer without vehicles and when the sun is coming up. Again I used my iPhone, cropped to square, adjusted contrast and used a Mextures app pre-set.

American living in Europe. - image 2 - student project

And lastly, a shot of a forest chapel in northern Croatia. Here I used my Nikon with a 200mm lens. I was actually on top of a castle when I noticed the chapel. I really needed to zoom in. As always I cropped it to square and used the Mextures app to give it a surreal color tone. Lastly I used the Snapseed app to use the tilt sift feature which give it that minature look adding to its surrealism. 

American living in Europe. - image 3 - student project